Saturday, October 8, 2011

Somali singer Fadumo Kasim dies in London

Somalia singer Faduma Qasiim Hilowle is dead.

Faduma, who was popularly known as Faynuustii Fanka (the candlelight of the art), died Thursday morning at a hospital in London, following a brief illness.

Faduma was one of the pioneers of Somali music, especially in Banadir region (Mogadishu and surrounding areas).

“Apart from Somali, she could sing in multiple languages including Kiswahili, Italian, Arabic and Chinese,” said Ahmedey Abdi Gashaan, a well known playright and poet in Mogadishu.

Gashaan added that Faduma performed in four of his plays, in which shed demonstrated flexibility and intelligence.

She died in the early hours of Thursday, according her relatives.

Faduma is survived by 45 descendants, including sons, daughters and grandchildren.

Faduma’s father Qasiim Hilowle, better known by his Italian nickname Qasiim Schiffo, was the singer's mentor in the arts world.

Hilowle introduced Faduma to the world of music at an early age. By 1958, when Faduma was still a child, she was already recognised as a national singer.

Source: The Africa Review

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