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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Human rights in Somalia

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The Government of Spain expresses its concern over the one-year prison sentence, published on 5 February, handed down to both an alleged rape victim in Somalia and the journalist who reported her case, and calls on the Somali authorities to carry out a thorough investigation of the matter.

The Government of Spain supports all the efforts being made by Somalia to establish a strong, stable Rule of Law that respects human rights, and reiterates its commitment to the Somali authorities in this regard.

With that in mind, Spain states that the promotion and protection of human rights is one of the priorities of Spanish foreign policy, and most particularly the efforts to combat all forms of discrimination against women.

Recently, A Somali judge jailed a woman who said she had been raped by soldiers and a journalist who interviewed her, finding them guilty of making up the story to besmirch the government.

The verdict and one-year jail sentences drew condemnation from Somalia's union of journalists. Human rights groups have called the trial politically motivated, aimed at covering up rampant sexual abuse of women by the security forces.

Some of this news contributed by Reuters and other news agencies.

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