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Sunday, March 31, 2013

National Dialogue on Justice Reform Conference to be help in Mogadishou April 1-5 2013

Under the auspices of his Excellency, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, the Federal Government of Somalia hosts the “National Dialogue on Justice Reform Conference”, to be held in Mogadishu, April 1-5, 2013, to discuss critical issues of justice and rule of law in Somalia.

Unique to this conference is its focus on producing a Somali-led/Somali-controlled sector-wide reform strategy to confront, once and for all, the challenges facing the Somali justice system. Consecutive panel discussions and working group sessions include topics such as:

a. Comprehensive Review of Existing Justice Mechanisms;
b. Institutional Building in the Justice Sector;
c. Training, Education, and Capacity-Building;
d. Mapping the existing law texts and creating repository for Somali laws;
e. Justice Reform as an effective tool of National Reconciliation and Peace Building;
f. Review and Implementation of the justice-related provisions under the Provisional Constitution;
g. Harmonization of the Shariah, customary and statutory laws
h. Integration of Human Rights Norms into the Somali Justice System;
i. Engagement with International Partners on Justice and Rule of Law

These challenging questions and topics will be discussed with an eye on the overall conference objectives of (a) Increasing public awareness of the articles and principles contained in the Provisional Constitution, especially those pertaining to judicial mechanisms and fundamental human rights guarantees, (b) Gaining a better understanding of currently operating legal mechanisms and procedures in Somalia and discussing how they can be harmonized with a new statutory system and constitutional principles and frameworks, and (c) Formulating and recommending practical steps/measures that can be taken in the long- and short-term to re-establish rule of law in Somalia.

Participants and presenters from Somalia and the Diaspora include representatives from the Ministry of Justice, the judiciary, Members of the Parliament, Office of the Attorney General, the Somali armed forces court martial, the national police, the national security agency, prisons, lawyers association and legal professionals, academics, civil society organizations & women groups, human rights leaders, religious leaders, traditional/community leaders, International legal expert and regular citizens.
In addition to five days of engaging, thought-provoking programming, the conference will host viewing documentaries, site visits and other activities.

About the Conference: For further information please contact: Hussein Qasim Yusuf (Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the President) & Abdulwahid Qalinle (Sr. Legal Advisor) at:

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