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Friday, July 25, 2014

AMISOM destroys Al Shabab training base

AMISOM destroys Al Shabab training base

The AMISOM  forces in Somalia claimed victory in recent military operations against Al Shabab militants in some regions in the country.

AMISOM said in a press statement that the operations were carried out in the regions of Gedo, Middle Jubba and Hiiraan.
In the latest operation on Thursday afternoon, AMISOM said they have destroyed an Al-Shabab training base which located in the village of Khadiijo Xaaji about 65 kilometres south west of Beled Xaawo.
The statement of which HOL obtained a copy added that AMISOM troops in Kismayo launched an assault on the town of Jilib in the Middle Jubba region on Wednesday killing several Islamists before destroying another militant training camp.
“AMISOM troops killed two senior Al Shabab officials last week in an area which is about 10 kilometres from the town Bulo-barde in the Hiiraan region” the statement read naming the two AL Shabab officials as Mohamed Dhoore who was very close to Al Shabab’s leader and as well as Shariif Gacameey.
The statement revealed that Dhoore was in charge of the group for closely working with the foreigners fighting in Somalia.
However, there was no immediate reaction from Al Shabab about the statement from AMISOM which claimed victory in recent military operations in the country.
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