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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Somaliland : Gebiley / Boorame confrontation

I have been saddened by the news item from Togdheer news which reported about a confrontation between two militias from Somaliland , particularly Gebiley and Boorame who have been in confronts for some time. The clash between these two groups left two dead and eleven wounded today and may go on for sometime. It is sad that the government of Somaliland has not sent any government troops to separate the two militias and has left the matter prone to escalation any time soon.
But the strange thing is that a group of intellectuals from the united stated sent a peace petition through Google news weeks earlier alerting the nation to this tragic waiting if peaceful settlement of the dispute between these local clans was not pursued.
While the politicians are busy in wresting the seat of power from each other, the people of Somaliland are either dying of conflicts, hunger or poor health . Do we need a new president OR peace and a sustainable livelihood for the people of Somaliland is the big question that the public should question and ponder.
We here in the united Kingdom urge all those involved in this conflict to exercise ultimate restraint and avoid further bloodshed among the brotherly neighbours and to respect the rule of law to solve this conflict.
Here is the peace petition by the group from the US that I have distributed through many websites and also disseminated through Google RSS few weeks earlier before this happening:

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