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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Somali refugee woman dies for recklessness in Netherlands

Somali migrant woman has died in Netherlands� central province of Utrecht on Wednesday because of carelessness, reports say on Thursday.

According to the local TV channel (RTV Utrecht), Sahro Barre Mohamed, 32 who had three-month pregnancy died in center for the asylum seekers in Leersum town of Utrecht province after she lacked urgent medical care.

�The woman has been sick for many days and the clinic department nurses in the center have been reluctant to assist and let her into the main hospital and the security staff also rejected to call an ambulance and then she has passed away.� One of the Somali asylum seekers told Utrecht TV.

�They treat us like animal. They don�t give us respect so I would suggest to the government to take this case of death into consideration.� Another refugee man said angrily.

There has been wide-raging anger by the local government in Utrecht over the death of the Somali woman as the authorities blamed the officials of the refugee center for neglecting the woman�s life.

The leader of the Groenlinks party Femke Halsema expressed her deepest sorrow over the death of the Somali woman and asked for inquiry on this case.

According to the latest figure by the Netherlands Immigration Department, around 23,000 Somali refugees live in the country as 9,000 of that number are being held in centers for the asylum seekers that spread in the Netherlands regions.

Source: Sunatimes

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