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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Armed gangs kill Somali businessman in South Africa

A Somali businessman died and another one seriously wounded after armed gangsters raided their shop in Durban, South Africa.

Chairman of Somali Association of South Africa (SASA) Ismail Abdi Adan, in Durban, Kwa-Zulunatal province of South Africa told Bar-kulan that armed gangs attacked the duo in their shop in an attempt to rob them.

Ismail said the armed robbers later shot dead one of the shop attendant, Abdifatah Ali Hashi and injuring the other one only named as Qeys, who is now recuperating in Durban hospital. One of the attackers also died during the incident after a stray bullet hit him.

According to the SASA chairman, Ismail Abdi Adan, the deceased, Abdifatah Ali Hashi, has recently arrived in the country.

Somali shop owners in South Africa have been a target for armed South Africans who sometimes burn them to death after robbing off their property

By Abdullahi Mohamed


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