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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Djibouti names suicide bombers

Djibouti names suicide bombers

Djibouti has revealed the names of the two suicide bombers who recently blew themselves up at the Cheaumiere restaurant in the city centre which caused the deaths and injuries of several westerners.

The country’s public prosecutor Maki Omar Abdulkader and the chief of police criminal investigation department Colonel Omar Hassan displayed the names of the suicide bombers.
“They are Muse Roble Hirabe who hails from Ethiopian Somali region and Hodan Mohamed Isse from Somaliland and they both crossed from the border village of Lawya-Adde” Mr. Maki Omar Abdulkader told Saturday’s press conference in Djibouti.
He said that a Djiboutian police officer helped them cross from the border and they entered in the country illegally” the public prosecutor said.
For his part the criminal investigation department chief Colonel Hassan Omar said that at least 7 people in connection with the terror attack are in custody and will be brought to court.
“I want to declare that the recent terror attacks will not have impacts on the Somali people living here in Djibouti—we are only pursuing terrorists who want to jeopardise security in Djibouti” he added.
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