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Friday, July 3, 2015

Queen Elizabeth awards Abdikadir from Garissa as Somalis celebrate his achievement |

Queen Elizabeth awards Abdikadir from Garissa as Somalis celebrate his achievement |

Abdikadir Adan Hassan has been feted by the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth at the Birmingham Palace for his campaign to plant one million trees in the arid North Eastern region of Kenya.
The 21 year old, alongside other three Kenyan youths, were part of a programme that honoured 60 young people in the Commonwealth countries who did exemplary work in their communities.
In the case of Abdikadir, for instance, he has been advocating for progammes to abate the effects of climate change in his hometown of Garissa.
Abdikadir said he wants to plant a million tree in the region to fight the perennial droughts that strike the area after every five years.
“Abdikadir works with young people to educate and engage them on the issue of climate change. His green initiatives have had a positive effect on his community, creating job opportunities in areas such as environmental protection and conservation,” read an introductory statement on the award’s website read in part.
The award programme discovers, celebrates and supports exceptional young people from across the commonwealth, leaving a lasting legacy for Her Majesty the Queen.
While in the United Kingdom, Abdikadir and his fellow award winners visited the UK Prime Minister, David Cameroon and the headquarters of social media giant Twitter and the BBC World Service
headquarters in London.
Garissa Township member of Parliament, Aden Barre Duale congratulated Abdikadir, saying he made the country and the county of Garissa proud. He said he served as a leaders and a role model to the young people.
“We are very proud of you for the leadership credentials and (for) being a role model for the young people in Northern Kenya,” the leader of Majority in the National assembly, said.
Somalis on social media, particularly on Facebook, positively reacted the news.
“I am proud of the hardwork, keep going bro, u will make more than that. I know u can make it. Congrats!!!” wrote Abdisamad Abdullahi, a Londoner, on his Facebook timeline.
Halima Saida, a Mogadishu resident said she was inspired by Abdikadir’s story and would take up an initiative she stopped two years ago.
“If the world could recognize Abdikadir for the planting of trees, then the same world should celebrate other young people like him for leading a water conservation programme in their communities.”
From Wajir, Amal Abdullahi connected his achievement to peace and security.
“This is what a community with peace and security achieves: good environment and international accolades.”

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