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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cholera spreads in Somali insurgent bastion

UN concerned about increased number of cases, particularly in Kismayo town

Cholera is rising in the last major town held by Somalia’s Al Qaida-linked Al Shahab, with most of those stricken by the disease children, the World Health Organisation (WHO) warned Friday.

The UN agency “is very much concerned about the increased number of cholera cases, particularly in Kismayo town,” it said in a statement, warning that the infectious diarrhoeal disease could kill within hours if untreated.

“One health facility did a rapid test among a sample of 10 patients, and a total of six cases tested positive for cholera,” the WHO statement said.

Of the 65 patients treated so far, 40 required “immediate hospitalisation”, it added — and most of the cases were children aged below eight.

Hardline Al Shabab fighters still control large parts of southern Somalia, but are left with the southern port of Kismayo as the last major town they control, after attacks by AU troops, government forces and Ethiopian soldiers.

Kismayo is blockaded at sea and on land, with main supply routes strangled by encircling forces. Kenyan troops in the AU force have vowed to seize the town by the end of August.

Source: The Gulf News

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