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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Somalia: Reports of Abuse By Somali Forces Continue in Afgoye

There have been a series of reports of Somali government forces regularly mugging residents of Afgoye, which was recently liberated from Al Shabaab, Garowe Online reports.

Residents of Afgoye have been reporting that Somali forces stationed in Afgoye have been abusing and robbing civilians daily.

According to local sources in Afgoye, most residents are afraid of reporting abuses committed by Somali forces stationed in Afgoye.

Some residents have approached media outlets in Afgoye to shed light on the constant abuses they face, some even reported being robbed in broad daylight.

"I'm afraid to even go to the market during the day because security forces will you shakedown you without hesitating," said Muna Ahmed, an Afgoye resident for 12 years.

"The situation is terrible, people were overjoyed when the Al Shabaab were forced out but now people are wondering if the threat faced today by Somali forces is better than Al Shabaab occupation," said Muna who spoke to our Garowe Online source in Afgoye.

Transitional Federal Government (TFG) President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed visited the town of Afgoye last month to quell the worries that residents felt over the abuses by Somali troops who backed by African Union forces captured the town of Afgoye late May.

However, residents have said that the abuse has not stopped citing that there is a lack of accountability by TFG military officials who avoid disciplining forces.

Despite Hussien Arab Isse Minister of Defense's warnings last month while visiting Afgoye that soldiers found committing abuses will be dealt with "swiftly and harshly", attacks have yet to halt.

Source: AllAfrica

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