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Thursday, March 13, 2014

This is why health care reform matters

This is why health care reform matters

Across our country, 32,030 people have already signed up for quality, affordable coverage through the marketplace. Today, we want to get those success stories out there -- here's one from Michael that jumps out at me.

I'm about to turn 27Ñlast year was the first time I had to buy a plan for myself. Like a lot of young people, what I could afford was "good enough," but left a lot to be desired. Thanks to the MNSure marketplace here in Minnesota, I have a plan that works for meÑand the site was so easy to navigate. I'm saving money every month, I'm eligible for preventive care, and all my prescriptions are covered. I've never been sick, but no one's immune, so I'm looking forward to taking advantage of all that's available to me nowÑand I'm very grateful for it.

Check out more stories -- and share them to encourage your friends and loved ones to get covered.

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