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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Fourteen Somali men guilty of running Bristol child sex ring - Telegraph

Fourteen Somali men guilty of running Bristol child sex ring - Telegraph

Fourteen Somali men have been convicted of running an inner city sex ring that involved the abuse, rape and prostitution of teenage British girls, it can be reported for the first time.
Victims as young as 13 were preyed upon, sexually abused and passed around the men's friends for money in Bristol.
Several of the girls were groomed to the extent they believed abuse was part of loving relationships they were having with the defendants.
Some were persuaded to have sex with their "boyfriend's" friends as it was Somali "culture and tradition" and "men always have sex with each other's girlfriends".
The victims, described as "vulnerable" due to their age and circumstances, were paid as little as £30 or given drugs, alcohol and gifts to perform sex acts on older men.
In one night, one 13-year-old girl was raped four times by three different men, having been trafficked across the city to a Premier Inn by one of her abusers.
The Bristol case comes after allegations, convictions and resignations over organised child abuse and exploitation across English towns and cities including Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford and Telford.
Serious case reviews are now under way to try to understand how the girls became victims.
Avon and Somerset Police uncovered a two-year catalogue of abuse against 10 girls during their investigation into the Somali men, codenamed Operation Brooke.
A total of 14 were convicted of charges including rape, sexual activity with a child, facilitating child prostitution, trafficking, paying for the sexual services of a child and drug offences.
Defendants were tried in two separate trials at Bristol Crown Court, with eight jailed for between 18 months and 13 years following the first this summer.
The remaining seven, convicted by a jury on Wednesday following 32 hours and 17 minutes of deliberations, will be sentenced at the court on Friday.
The first trial centred on a group of Somali drug dealers based in Easton, in Bristol, and their exploitation of primarily one teenage girl.
She had been moved into a flat on her own in Bristol and left almost unsupervised by social workers from outside the city.
Liban Abdi, 21, Mustapha Farah, 21, Arafat Osman, 20, Idleh Osman, 22, Abdulahi Aden, 20, Said Zakaria, 22, Mustafa Deria, 22, and Deria's cousin Mohamed Jama, 20, were all jailed for between 18 months and 13 years for either child sexual exploitation or drugs offences.
The second trial focused on another group of young Somali men - but included Zakaria, whose nickname was "Target" - and their grooming and subsequent sexual abuse of young girls in Bristol.
Mohamed Jumale, 24, Mohamed Dahir, 22, Zakaria, Jusuf Abdizirak, 20, Omar Jumale, 20, Abdirashid Abdulahi, 21 and Sakariah Sheik, 21, were all convicted of child sexual exploitation offences.
Judge Julian Lambert will sentence the seven defendants for the 20 charges they were convicted of, relating to four victims.
Two defendants, Jibril Mohamed, 21, and Dauud Osman, 19, were acquitted of the charges they faced.
The case can only be reported for the first time today because restrictions placed upon the media were lifted at the end of the second trial.

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