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Saturday, November 1, 2014

World Bank turns to biometrics to aid Somalia’s recovery | Planet Biometrics News

World Bank turns to biometrics to aid Somalia’s recovery | Planet Biometrics News

The World Bank has helped implement a biometric verification system for civil servant salary payments in Somalia as part of state-building efforts, with the technology hoped to improve transparency efforts.
The Central Bank of Somalia in Mogadishu has implemented a cloud-based system using biometric authentication as part of a World Bank financing plan that forms part of the New Deal for Somalia project.
Using biometric identification, the Recurrent Cost and Reform Financing project now pays thousands of civil servants in the service of the new Somali state.
The program represents the first World Bank involvement in the country since 1991 – the year that the country descended into a devastating, and ongoing civil war.
“This system runs in the cloud and uses biometrics to identify civil servants and pay them their salaries. I am privileged to be able to help my country in this way”, said Hassan Ahmed, an IT expert who runs the payroll software at the Central Bank of Somalia.
The Central Bank has begun using the system following the installation of a new biometric component in its payroll system, under which customers’ biometric data is stored in the central database of the Bank - only public servants whose biometric data have been taken are paid.
“All data including the biometric data is stored on a single database which eliminates redundancy and multiple update routines. This single database concept also provides for ease of maintenance and ensures data integrity. Security of the Bank’s servers is controlled by the Central Bank and is sufficiently flexible to support all business processes.”

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