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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Donors sign up to six joint programs under Somalia’s New Deal Compact

Donors sign up to six joint programs under Somalia’s New Deal Compact

The programs will directly support peace-building and key deliverables of the Government's Vision 2016. Daria Fane, Head of Cooperation at the EU Delegation to Somalia, said the launch of the programs reflected the strong commitment of the international community and the Somali Government to work together in order to improve the lives of Somali women, men and children.
She said “The signature of the new Joint Programs is a major step in the New Deal Compact implementation. It will allow us to empower significantly the Federal Government and directly support core state functions.”
Speaking during the signing ceremony in Mogadishu, the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Abdirahman Ali Aynte, said the programs would have a specific focus on the state formation process, the constitutional review, electoral support, rule of law, youth employment, and institutional capacity development. He said these were important agreements which will strengthen government institutions.
It was also a milestone in cooperation between Somalia and international partners, he added.
The programs will build a stronger civil service at federal and state levels, support more effective delivery of justice services, and provide thousands of jobs for Somali youth as well as support the formation of new federal member states in the South and Central region, undertake the review of the constitution, and build capacity to deliver democratic electoral political processes.
According to MoFA, the EU, Britain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Italy have pledged more than US$106 million over a three year period for these priority programs.

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