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Amal Aden became the first Somali Lesbian Women"

Amal Aden feels that she has lived for 300 years, not just 28 She was street children in Somalia, she is now a writer in Ringerike. But there is one thing she is ready to tell until now: she is a lesbian. In this interview with newspaper Aftenposten, she will tell her story. Not because it is a "sensation" to be a lesbian Muslim. On the contrary: It is more common than most think. But there are so invisible, even in Norway in 2011.

- Why do you stand out as a lesbian Muslim?
- For young gays ethnic minority people in this country will see that it is possible to live openly. There are lots of them.
- If you have received warnings to come forward - or encouragement to do so?

Amal Aden came to Norway from Somalia 15 years ago. She had been street children in seven years.

- I have hardly met a single person who has said "Jippi! Stand on! ". For most people understand the consequences: more unrest. But I will not wait 40 years to to come forward. If it helps any good for youngsters who are struggling with their orientation, so get it whatever the cost. It is so incredibly few gays and lesbians, minority persons are visible there. They live in hiding, especially Muslims. Having gained insight into many other minority people's situation through the organization Queer world, I realize that sexual orientation is not just a private matter. It will only cost, someone has to tell. It's not about me, although I could live well here on the hatch. But there are far too many lives at stake, too many who are considering taking his life. So I must do this now. I've decided and I am impatient, said Amal Aden almost without breathing.

She admits it himself, but with its history and what she has achieved, she has become a role model for many young people in Norway. Stubborn and impatient.
15 years in Norway

Amal Aden came from Somalia to Norway for exactly 15 years ago. When she was only 13 and had been street children in seven years. She had seen things and events no one should see. She does not think she has children ever. Does not feel like 28 years, more like 300, she says.

She was illiterate when she landed at Fornebu 2 August 1996 at 24:15. She remembers the time still have highlighted the crucial day of his life every year since.

The first time Amal Aden came forth with a name and face and told her story was in A magazine in 2009. It is not easy to imagine a more contrast-filled life. After a childhood in Somalia and then aggressive and destructive tenåringsår that småkriminelt child welfare children in Oslo, things began to go well. She did not perish, but got back on track - even to the point.

- Why did it well after each, why you succeeded finally?

- I got a solid network around me, people who supported and believed in me. I have always fought me when I have lain down. All support and positive feedback gives me strength and hope, said Amal Aden.

It's not that many years ago that she learned to read and write, but she has already published four books and is working on a fifth. She has set high marks in public debates about children's and women's rights in multicultural environments and what is required for the multi-ethnic Norway will be an even greater success: As required, equal rights and greater language skills for the new ones that come here, are some of her prescription.

Controversial debate

It has been more than NOK to make her controversial. She has also criticized what she believes is both widespread intolerance and lack of integration will in the Norwegian-Somali communities, and believes that the integration process goes much faster in other groups. She has received death threats and at times had police protection after a small book about the lack of equality in ethnic minority communities as she released the 8 March.

- Threats from some adults and older intolerant men makes me stronger. If, after this Saturday coming ten extra, it does not matter. The nice feedback is many times more than the threats, said Amal Aden.

Norwegian-Somali big family

Klekken is a place where one rarely finds a reason to stop, south of Hønefoss, on the road between Norderhov and Jevnaker. The place is best known for a large conference hotel.

A few hundred meters away, a single mother Amal Aden settled with her two twins in nine years. But the house is crowded, the three live in large family with a married couple who has children. And the farm has more life: hens, roosters and a magnificent peacock running around the edge of the green fields.

- I can not imagine living anywhere else, especially not in a city, said Amal Aden.
No peace

It looks beautiful with her troubled life as a backdrop. But she's obviously not going to settle down. Amal Aden life will probably not quiet when she is in the Aftenposten interview stands out as a lesbian Muslim, currently the only high profile and public open living in Norway.

She is not a very religious person, she says, but considers himself as "personally Muslim". Amal Aden would not accept that religion is put in front of universal human rights in Norway, but seems that there is NOK of social problems to address in this country that is more serious than the problems created by religion.
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The Somali writer and society commentator Amal Aden (pseudonym) defied the threats and the police's request to not participate in a debate in the House of Literature in Oslo last fall. The meeting dealt with the oppression of women in immigrant communities and in the third world. PHOTO: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / Scanpix

- So I'm not particularly concerned with religious explanations of gay issues in ethnic minority communities, she says.

- Why live the majority of gays in minority communities hidden?

- The way I see it, it has most of the culture to do, and it is not just about opposition to gays and lesbians. It is rather the opposition to everything that marks the freedom and individuality, for example when it comes to women running in shorts and talking loudly. Then it is obviously too much if a woman is with a woman. That's why I choose to stand out as a lesbian. If I as an adult person would not take responsibility, how can anyone expect that minority children will be? Many of the queer I've met lack language, in addition to that they are in a double minority - that both gays and ethnic minority people. I can not tell all these other people's stories without telling my own, said Amal Aden.
- So you work to get the second lesbians and gays minority person stories?

Amal Aden has turned to the hatch to the south of Hønefoss, where she lives with her two children.
- Lately I have started working on a book I got the idea for, about queer ethnic minority people from Afghanistan and Somalia, from Iran and Iraq, Pakistan and Palestine. The working title of Freedom for everyone. I have received support from the Freedom of Expression and the academic fund, and the book comes in the autumn of 2012 - hopefully! As I have worked with it, I have seen how terribly difficult many people have it in Norway - many are invisible and lonely, others persecuted and harassed. They carry a lot of fear. Worse, trans people there, those that fall between categories. If I am a double minority, they are a triple minority, said Amal Aden.

Irresolute efforts

She is angry at what she believes is the organization's awkward efforts to lesbians and gays Muslims in Norway and Europe:

- We have a situation where the Islamic Council of Norway does not manage to say a crystal clear statement that they will fight against the death penalty for gays globally, and the European Fatwa Council can not even confirm that the Islamic Council has sent over the issue they claim to have sent - to transform the person Sara Mats Azmeh Rasmussen revealed as she demonstrated in Dublin earlier this summer. By the way, why are journalists so absent in these questions? Why did not more Norwegian media questions to the Islamic Council and the Fatwa Council's own machine, without Azmeh Rasmussen had to take the initiative? asks Amal Aden.

- A good question, I answer: - It should more be done.
"Problems NOK»
Amal Aden says she has had boyfriends of the same sex several times before.

- Yes, both young and now in more mature age. But I have never wanted to put me as a lesbian, like I had NOK problems, to say it jokingly. I had to fend for myself since I was six. It was my parents died, and those who had taken care of me again, disappeared. Thus, I have always been old. When I came to Norway and Oslo, I had NOK deal with the criminal groups I met, tackle health care system and learn Norwegian on my own. So I was married, had children, went from the man and was NOK again to think about, said Amal Aden, and continues:

- Now I'm 28 years old and aware that I do not have feelings for men. I will live like two Norwegian women I know, in a small town - open and gay. Should I leave it just because I once came from Somalia? I stand up because I want to show that it is possible to be Muslim and also gay or lesbian. I will challenge the culture of honor that prevents so many from being free. The good thing about the Norwegian society is that honor and shame means so little. It makes me proud to be Norwegian.
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Norwegian-Somali Amal Aden borrowed money to afford to write the book "ABC of integration" in 2009 and thus participate in the integration debate Photo: OLAV Urdal
- Liberaliteten in the majority of Norway sticks may not be so deep. Gender and gender roles are tough issues that it takes a long time to change.
- I think is right. Many majority Norwegians tolerate gays okay from a distance, but would rather not have a gay son or son in law. I know a young Norwegian-ethnic boy as his father threatens to eject if he lives gay. There is NOK of such examples.

- I wrote a newspaper commentary about gays in ethnic minorities in Norway for the first time eight years ago. It was fairly silent on the issue. Have we made more progress today?

- I do not know. No matter what I write and say yourself, I will be accused of generalizing. But it's better than not saying anything. I think there's something about my personality that irritates many people, especially men. Ethnic minority women have never had a problem with. Do not children either. Only some obdurate, power, executive-old men over 40 They should be sent on courses in gender equality.
- It is easier to be a Norwegian ethnic gay in cities, many people experience. But for the ethnic minority people is easier in rural areas, do you mean?

- Yes. There are not many obdurate individuals outside of cities, including Somalis outside of Oslo have thrown off their honor culture. It does not matter to people I know here in Ringerike if I live with a woman or a man. I have much more freedom than if I had lived in Oslo. The worst I have experienced is the way, when I had to stay at a secret location in Telemark with police protection away. Had no contact with anyone. But I had written my first book, See Us. Otherwise I would have bored me to death, said Amal Aden.

- Do you have any role models among Norwegian gays?
- Yes, wait!
Amal Aden runs toward the bookshelves and come back quickly:

- I must pick up the book that has been on my bedside table a couple of years now, I've read it a hundred times. Now I found it! I had it on holiday to Mallorca just as well. It is written by Bjørn Gunnar Olsen in 1983, is about gay pioneers Karen-Christine Friele and Wenche Lowzows history, and called two women. It has inspired me more than any other books. The two women are role models for all who work for freedom. I have translated and read from the book for many gays ethnic minority people in the past, so they will know there is hope for them too. So they will know they are not alone, says Amal Aden.

- You talk a lot about being a minority in the minority in the new Norway. The terrorist attacks on the Oslo and Utøya was an attack on the entire multi-cultural Norway and the policies that shape it. How will terrorism affect your life?

- It has got me to thinking about time in Somalia, when my friends and I had to flee from soldiers who fired. The last time I have been plagued by nightmares at night. I've decided to live more in the moment, spend more time with those I love and fight harder for freedom. I hope and believe in an even more open public debate, where we can disc
uss more about human values and less about religion.

A long way

She sits a lot and writes in a small room next to the living room, a little dim half-dark wood paneling on the walls, but still facing the green Ringerike. Far removed from existence as street children and illiterate in Somalia.

- It's a long journey you have made so far in life?

- It's strange to think that I was 15 years ago could not write. When I first started, I could not stop, said Amal Aden, laughing.

- Some may think I write too much. I use writing as therapy, both books and articles and opinion pieces in the newspaper Aftenposten. But no matter what I write, people are provoked. While the police begin to feel like a burden. The situation has been very unstable and troubled by the book of equality among minority women, which I published the Women's Day this year. I did not realize that the tiny, innocent book would be so scary for older men, but had to cancel all lectures and travel for months. Now I will start working again. I can not bear to sit still, says Amal Aden, just turned 28.

Source: Aftenposten


  1. hi amal iam hinda 23 yr old from uk iam opnely gay somali women just want say i think wat ur doing is realy good we need someone like u in the uk,i have gay somali friends men and women but the 2 men that i now are openly gay they dont care about wat enyone says,but the lasbian somali girls that i now are scard to come out,i even now somali marid men who are sleeping with men behind ther wifs back and scard to come out,trast me ther is so many somali gays in would cool if left email on ur websit so can saport u, good luck with ur book and i wish u all the best.xxxx

    1. u beta change ur idea hinda iam sure if u cntinue with that act nobdy will defend u frm hell fire nd as somali people this issue kol lesbianism nd gays we dnt entertain it please nd please my dear sister beta leave it as u r still young wasalamu caleykum

  2. i think u are a shame for somali and muslims people women like deserve to burn and dead nothing called u wanna be lesbian because of what happened in somalai we all get suffer of it not only you but i think u i hope and really pray for you to get your mind back -_-

  3. it's all good now your safe in europe to do and say wat the fuck you want. Hope you re-evaluate your life cuz there's only one place your headin too so just think about that when you breathe your last breath.

  4. it's all good now your safe in europe to do and say wat the fuck you want. Hope you re-evaluate your life cuz there's only one place your headin too so just think about that when you breathe your last breath.

  5. that's good if youn think that is good baby

  6. Theres nothing wrong with beeing a role model about it, but u should lead them in the right direction. U can be a muslim and still feel the way u feel for the same gender, u cant control feelings but u can control actions. But if ur love to Allah is stronger u would know that its a test from Allah and u shud do anything in ur power to prevent haram stuff or sahmeful stuff happening. Bcus beeing homosexual is haram in islam. Allah loves us all and sends tests for us to become closer to him. I know a story where a muslim shekh was gay but he had the strongest iman and chose to live in Allahs way, he married a women and got kids. He chose Allah b4 his desires. Just know that this world is a blink of a second compared to the hereafter. What if u choose ur desires today and die tomorrow..


  8. Amal Aden, great job walalo, I admire your strength and the ability to acknowledge and accept your authentic self.Everyone should be left to be whatever sexuality they choose regardless of your religion or spiritual path.The only people who get angry and mad at you are not accepting the truth and blinded by their own ego.I think you should continue to be you and am sure there are alot of other gay individuals(both men and women) who would want to look upto someone like you and commend you for been true to yourself.If only people who let others be and not be so judgmental, we would live in a peaceful world.

  9. Its ok for you 2 be a lesbian or gay but I just got a question isn't it haramm ?

  10. oh I love the hilarious comments posted above. Its extreme in both sides. U have lovey dovey--'I am proud of u macaanto' and u have 'think of when you take your last breath'. Funny. On a serious note though--I think MS Aden is a poster child Somali butch lesbian type, live with it. She is more boy than many boys--as evident from her photo above. She strikes me as this melancholic, somewhat Somalinet forums' -hyperactive/Nabeela look-alike. The photo is somber, her sadness is palpable. I say, leave her alone--to each her own. Let us pray for her soul. Much Love abaay.


  11. Amal Aden, As a straight Somali man, first, I appluad for you coming out as a lesbian. Somalis will kill, maim, rape, and destroy each other on behalf of the tribe. They will steal welfare and genitally mutilalate children but, when they hear someone is a queer, all hell breaks lose and the religious card is often displayed. Where was religion then? Somalis are a premordial, illiterate tribal society and religion is only a tool they employ when they need favours. Hold your head up high and live your life the way you want it as long as you don't trangress of others rights. Ha dhageeysan dadkaan waalan.

  12. Amal Aden is a great person. She has won prizes here in Norway because of her brave and friendly appearance in media- and she is a good writer! Her great wish is to create acceptance and a better life for LGBT-persons from Somalia and other Muslim Countries. She is the proof : You can be a true Muslim and gay or lesbian at the same time. You can be a happy homosexual whether you belong to a religion or not !!! Somalian people should be proud of A. Aden! Best greetings from a Norwegian man in Oslo.

  13. So many disgusting comments here. If those are made by persons from Somalia --- YOU have long way to go! Homosexuality and lesbianism are 100% natural FACTS. No sickness or pathology! Period!

  14. she/he you wanna be a role model to young people so they can join you in hell... god made a man and women to have sexuall relationship but gays n lesbians are against god ...if you think god makes mistake ... no// pls while you stl alive change your life...

  15. Look, as a young Somali women,who was born and raise in the West. I didn't grow up with a lot hate directed to the LGBT community. I don't hate one or anything. Islam is a religion of peace and submission to the almighty Lord. However,I just do not believe Islam is the correct place for queers. It doesn't make any sense when the religion so blatantly disapproves of it. In the end, I hope Ms.Aden find her true calling, and to those insulting and hating, that is not going to help anyone, it will only make people indifferent and ignorant to your believes.

  16. fst al chance ur name becoz amal is a muslim name and aden is a muslim prophet(s.a) nd our father of all mankind. And as for you claim to be muslim u r not so stop sayin u r. Go find another religion who will except u bcoz u r da devil's sister.. I maself am a muslim born in a non muslim countery and i'm still muslim prude to be a muslim u claim to came from dan y did chance ur religion nd now u r without a religion. Bcoz somalia is one launger and one religion u bcoz lesbian out of hunger for money oh sori u ve sold ur soul to da devil for what nething but pain here and hereafter so yareta is arurure...

  17. I'm so proud of you Amal and Anonymous, speak you'r mind girls!

  18. As someone who also identifies as a lesbian Somali Muslim woman, I have the utmost respect for you Amal. I believe that being queer is not a choice, trust me no one would want to choose a life where your family and community hates you for just being who you are. I do consider myself to be Muslim because I pray 5 times a day, give charity, believe in God and is Messenger pbuh, and I fast in the month of Ramadan. This is the small list of the things that I abide by and believe in the teachings of Islam. I also believe that going along with your desires and committing what people would say gay actions is also a sin according to the religion. But who are we to judge one sin to be greater than another. I would never advocate that Islam or any Aberahamic religion to accept LGBT as part of the religion but I do advocate that the greater Muslim community to stop the violence and abandonment of LGBT people. I am married to my beautiful wife and we have 2 kids. I raise them to follow Islam and to also love and respect their parents. I am no different then any straight family.

  19. hey amal well done am just like u muslim and afraid of coming out and especially i hate somali socity cause they have taken away my love life who has to get married because of the socity who suspected usm i can change who i am or what i feel but i know one thing m Allah only has the write to punish u and to forgive u , secondly what does it matter if i go to hell for the purpose of a feeling i was born with it , anyway i know one thing and that is that alot of somalian will go to hell with me, except ill be juged only for being gay, thanks God i did not masacre any human or animal, so to let me say one thing to somali people who are against gay world, mind ur own busineess and make sure that u r going to heaven, am a proud muslim lesbian and if i could come out i would, concerning amal keep up the good job girl, and my friend one special advice dont listen to crazy somali people they have destroyed their country and now they r just looking someone to destroy , but thanks toALLAH they will never get the chance there in the western countries, and all of u live every minute of ur life as peace with love as much as u can , and lets leave to ALLAH the here after jugdments.

  20. Warm congratulations on your inspiring work and world view. Are you able and willing to help a young Somali lesbian refugee in a difficult situation right now? If so kindly signal some contact details by which to reach Ms. Aden. Thank you

  21. Being jumped upon is humiliation not something to boast about. I ask Allah to guide you to the right path, not curse you.

  22. I say you warm congratulation, I know many Somali lesbian in Somalia before the civil war began, I had many friends but they were hiding their identity five of these girls they were telling all story and their partners but I was very gentile friend, and they become bisexual after most of them they married and now have children, but most of them are bisexual, we have confidential relations, some of them they teaches their daughter sex to become lesbian, unfortunately they become bisexuals. Now I am sure 85% of Somali Girls are bisexuals, soon after marriage they ask divorce to their husband to feel free to be hidden lesbian or bisexual. I appreciate that they are doing well, I in courage to enjoy the life.