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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Somali Govt Officials Steal Food Meant For The Needy

Somali Govt Officials Steal Food Meant For The Needy

The Somali Minister for Interior and Federalism, Abdullahi Godah Berre, accused some Somali Government Officials of being involved in the looting of food aimed at the most vulnerable people.

Minister Godah made this allegation in his address to the Parliament that Somali Government Officials have stolen food assistance sent to the people living in the regions liberated from the Al-Shabab.

“Having received confirmed reports that officials in some regions, including By and Bakol, have been involved in looting humanitarian assistance meant for the needy people, we decided to suspend additional food delivery to those areas in order to avoid humanitarian assistance ending up in the hands of those same officials who are already involved in the mal-practice”, the Interior Minister said.

“Instead”, he said, “We have transferred the food aid to the Middle Shabelle Region where floods have destroyed thousands of hectors of farmlands and homes”, Minister Godah said in his address at the Parliament on Tuesday.

The Minister of Interior, Abdullahi Godah Barre, told the Members of the Parliament that his Ministry “is prepared to hand over the food assistance to any Lawmaker who is ready to take responsibility and assure us that the food will reach to its destination and to the right people”.

“We would like to make sure that no more food will end up in the hands of those regional officials who have already been accused of diverting food meant for the poor into their own private hideouts” The Minister told the MPs.

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