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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Somali secret agency seizes electronic equipment from former Al Shabab commander

Somali secret agency seizes electronic equipment from former Al Shabab commander

Somali National security and Intelligence Agency has confiscated electronic equipment from former AL Shabab commander Sheik Hassan Dahir Aweys who is currently under a house arrest.

Reports also indicate that the secret Agency who raided the home where the Islamist leader is being held have also cut his internet connections and confiscated some electronic equipment including a laptop, TV and mobile phones.

The operation was carried out by the secret agency Chief General Bashir Mohamed Jama on Saturday afternoon, apparently hours after Al Shabab fighters attacked the Somali parliament building.

Former internal security minister Abdikarim Hussein Guled ordered the operation before resigning from his post.

The exact cause for the operation has not yet been revealed, but it comes days after the militant leader released his first speech since he was arrested and alleged that the country was under a new colony. He also accused Al Shabab in his speech.

“Somalia is occupied by Ethiopia, so that the colonial era is back once again” was part of the Sheikh’s speech which was aired from local radio stations.

Sheikh Aweys who fought against Somali government in 2009 after returning from Eritrea joined Al Shabab in December 2010 and was finally thankful to flee from them after a disagreement within the group saw the killing of several Al Shabab leaders.

He surrendered himself to the Somali Government  in the end of June of last year. Sheik Aweys was first held at the Secret Agency complex until he was recently put under a house arrest.

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