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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Somalia in banana export trial to Qatar - business - News -

Somalia in banana export trial to Qatar - business - News -

Somalia has launched an ambitious economic drive through the export of a shipment of bananas to the Gulf state of Qatar, the largest in the country’s history, APA can report Friday.
Speaking at the main port of Mogadishu, the Minister of Agriculture Abdi Ahmed Mohamed (Baafo) said that the government was embarking on the enterprise to gauge the banana export market in the Middle East.
“This is the first export abroad especially to the Gulf states, which we intend as a test to gauge the potential of the banana trade� Mohamed, a farmer in his own right declared.
The Somali official said farmers in the country are keen on exploring markets in Dubai and Kuwait and playing a pivotal role in reviving trade ties between Somalia and Middle Eastern countries after ten years without selling bananas overseas.
In March, a Dubai World Trade Center conference called for business investment in Somalia to revive its economic resurgence disrupted by over twenty years of civil strife.
Since the installation of a new government amidst a precarious security situation, Somalia has been on a course to revive its infrastructures, including banana, livestock and fisheries industries which were the mainstay of its economy before the country degenerated into instability.

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