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Saturday, April 26, 2014

14 persons die of Thirsty in Galgadud and Hiiran regions |

14 persons die of Thirsty in Galgadud and Hiiran regions |

At least 14 persons were reported to have been died due to thirsty that hit districts under control of Galgadud and Hiiran regional administrations and that dozens of others are at risk to die of dehydration.
Administration officials of Hiiran and Galgadud have confirmed this news to the media, according to Barkulan, a local Somali Radio.
Chairman of Galgudud region Husein Ali Weheliye (Irfo) has held a press conference in Dhuso-mareeb city where he officially confirmed the death of 3 persons in areas between Galgadud and Hiiran regions.
Settlements controlled by Geel-jir, Balanbal and Guri-eel districts have all been hit by water scarcity which causes people to hardly live in those areas.
On the other hand, almost 11 other persons were reported to have been died of dehydration in Matabaan and Mahas settlements of Hiiraan region after being hit by major thirsty, as confirmed by Chairman of Beled-wayne district of Hiiran region Mohamed Osman Abdi to the media,
The chairman added that the condition of the number of people affected by water shortages is getting worse day after day.
Youth Organization in Hiiran has fetched 2 water vending trucks as an emergency relief to the people in several settlements in those region.
Chairman of Hiiran Youth Organization Mohamed Abdiluhi Burale told Barkulan the existence of the serious humanitarian condition in those regions and that things are getting worse and the situation needs to be tackled before it gets out of hand. He also mentioned that the scarcity of water has even affected livestock’s, and that there are dozens of people and livestock who are on the verge of dying due to water shortage.
Beled-wayne administration are expected to have an emergency meeting with aid relief agencies to discuss on best approaches that an emergency relief can be delivered to the people hit by the water shortages.
Business people in Beled-wayne pledged  to provide water to the people affected by the scarcity of water which claimed the lives of more than 14 persons.
Administration officials of in Hiiran and Galgadud regions have requested from federal government of Somalia to urgently react to the situation and provide an emergency aid to those who direly need it.
People in those regions were reported to have been traveling around 40 to 50km in search of water.
The situation is predicted to get worse unless swift actions are taken by federal government, aid agencies, business people and the regional administration of those sites hit by water shortage.
Mohamoud Godah

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