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Sunday, April 27, 2014

A pregnant Somali woman falls from 3rd floor of Nairobi building trying to hide police

Kenya: A  pregnant Somali woman falls from 3rd floor of Nairobi building trying to hide police

A pregnant Somali woman and her unborn baby have narrowly survived after falling down from the 3rd floor of a building in Nairobi’s Eastleigh neighbourhood while trying to hide from the barbaric police crackdown midnight last night.

The woman identified as ‘Nadifo Abdi’ managed to hide in the corridor behind the window, but unexpectedly fell down from the 3rd floor.

Talking to the BBC Somali service via phone from Nairobi hospital on Sunday morning the woman said that several times in the past she paid bribes to police to secure herself from detention, but this time she had no money to pay and instead sought refuge to hide in behind the window.

“We were in our apartment in the 3rd floor when police knocked at the door, I figured out that police arrived and I then asked a woman with me to wake up and open the window for me so that I could hide myself behind the window, but I fell down” Nadifo said in an interview with BBC Somali service on Sunday.

A doctor copping with Nadifo’s situation said that her and the yet born baby survived, but added that the pregnant women suffered from injuries in her backbone.

Meanwhile, Habibo Hassan Omar who is a relative to Nadifo, said that the incident was a very harrowing and even a shocking experience. “It is a very touching matter that a pregnant woman falls from such tall building at midnight” Habibo noted while crying.

The sad incident coincides with a time that Kenyan forces have widened the xenophobic swoop against Somalis living in Nairobi. It was two weeks ago when local media reported the death of another woman due to suffocation, while in a police detention.

Thousands of other Somalis including children and old people are currently being held in custodies with poor facilities.

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