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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Somalia recalls envoy to Kenya - rest-of-the-world - News -

Somalia recalls envoy to Kenya -

Somalia has recalled her ambassador to Kenya after the controversial arrest of its consul in Nairobi.Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Planning, Mahad Mohamed Salad confirmed in a news conference in Mogadishu on Sunday that the Somali government was recalling its envoy Ali Nor Mohamed to review diplomatic relations with Kenya in the wake of the arrest.
“The government decision is related to the arrest of Somalia’s consul to Kenya Siad Shireâ€� Salad declared, accusing the Kenyan government of disrespecting Somali diplomats and nationals living in that country.
The Somali’s Ambassador to Kenya Ali Nur Mohamed told reporters upon his return to the country that he was in Mogadishu to consult with the government over the next course of action.
The Kenyan government has not commented on the reason for Shire’s arrest or the Somali govenrment’s decision to recall her ambassador.
The recall comes weeks after hundreds of Somalis were arrested in Nairobi in connection with the bombing of the city by suspected al-Shabaab insurgents.
The Somali militants who had claimed responsibility for two bombs which killed several people earlier in April said the attacks were in retaliation for Kenyan involvement with peacekeeping operations under AMISOM in Somalia.
The Nairobi suburb of Eastleight known as Little Mogadishu has a burgeoning population of Somalis fleeing the unrest in their country which has witnessed 23 years of civil strife since the overthrow of Siad Barrie in 1991.

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